Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

**The Below FAQ’s are generic Independent Hoops Frequently Asked Questions.
Event specific questions (format, check-in, live stream, etc.) can be found on each specific event page and will also be sent out via email to REGISTERED teams the week of the event.**


A: ALL TEAMS register online by going to our “Events” tab on Each individual event has a page where you can find the registration link as well as other necessary information regarding the event.

A: We accept all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. We do not take cash, check, PayPal, Venmo or CashApp.

A: We do not hold any spots for events and teams are not registered until they complete the payment process on our registration site and receive a confirmation email.

A: If you plan on bringing 3 or more teams and would like more information about multi-team discounts please reach out to Glen Mayo (850) 703-9677 –

A: We do not list a registration deadline as we often sell out every event. If you are interested in registering for an event we recommend registering as soon as you possibly can. For the majority of our events, we tend to sell out about a week prior to the start of the event. However, for some events we sell out much earlier than that.

A: We do use waiting lists occasionally. You register for the waitlist the same way you would register for the event. We will not charge you unless you are pushed off the waitlist and into the event. We will reach out to teams to let them know if they have made it off the waitlist and into an event as soon as we possibly can.

Hotels & Transportation:

A: We have worked closely with Lucid Hotels to provide you a range of hotel options in the area at the most discounted price offered. You are encouraged but NOT REQUIRED to Stay-To-Play

A: On every event page, as well as on your registration confirmation, you will find a link to book your hotel. Please be sure to only use this link and not to reach out to the hotel directly.

NCAA Requirements (Applies to Exclusive Runs Session 1, Southern Exposure, Peach State Summer Showcase)

A: An event being NCAA certified means that Division I College Coaches are allowed to come watch players during a specific event. There are 3 NCAA Live Periods in 2023; April 21-23 (Exclusive Runs Session 1), April 28-30 (Southern Exposure) & July 6-9 (Peach State).

A: Participating in a certified event means coaches and teams must go through the NCAA Certification Process. This means every Coach (assistants & head coaches or anybody wanting to sit on the bench) must be USA Basketball GOLD certified and every team, player and coach participating MUST be registered in the Basketball Certification System. Please note that this is an NCAA rule, not a Independent Hoops rule and is MANDATORY for all teams. An outline of how to proceed with all of this is provided below and on the event page.

A: No, you must complete the entire licensing process before adding your roster in the NCAA BBCS. If you have not started the process of getting a USA Gold Coaches license you should do so IMMEDIATELY. Background Checks can take upwards of 3 weeks to return. Coaches who do not have Gold Certification CANNOT participate in Best of the South.

A: No, every coach who sits on the bench MUST have a USA Gold License, BBCS account AND be listed on their teams Roster.

A: Yes, all players must create an account with the NCAA BBCS. If they had an account in 2022, they must use that same log-in information. DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT. If they are new to the NCAA BBCS they then can register as a new user.

A: For help regarding the NCAA BBCS and USA Gold Basketball you should contact somebody with the NCAA Enforcement and Certification Group. Unfortunately, HoopSeen does not have any power to unlock accounts, remove flags, or speed up the Certification process.

A: This depends on what kind of flag it is and if the proper documentation is included. The NCAA is able to rule on all roster flags. However, during the event season the NCAA often gets backed up and cannot get to every flag. In this case, the Tournament Director can make a ruling on the flag, but ONLY if the proper documentation is included. If the proper documentation is not included or no documentation is included, that player will be ineligible for the event.

To see what is needed to clear roster flags, please visit: ECAG POLICIES AND PROCEDURES

Rules & Regulations:

A: We are sanctioned by US Amateur Basketball, therefore, we follow their age group requirements. You can find the requirements here: AGE GROUP RULES or by going to the “Rules” on each specific event page.

A: You can find the rules for an event on the event page. This includes game rules & regulations, code of conduct, roster rules and protests. Please be sure to review all this information prior to registering and participating.


A: The format for each event varies. You can find information on each event’s format on the specific event page.

A: Generally, each event starts on Friday at 6pm with the last game being Sunday afternoon. Please check each event page for more information. Some events every team will play on Sunday. Some events only teams who advance to bracket play will play on Sunday.

A: The schedule will usually be released by Wednesday afternoon leading up to an event. You will receive an email with the schedule to the registered email address and it will be posted on the specific event page.


A: Check-In times and locations vary depending on the event. You will receive an email the week of the tournament that includes information regarding check-in. Please make sure to review that information and be prepared to check in at the appropriate time and location.

A: Necessary items for check-in vary depending on the event
Generally, at Check-In we will need you to bring:
Birth Certificates for EVERY PLAYER
Grade Reports for EVERY PLAYER
Official Independent Hoops or US Amateur Score Sheets for each game, as well as one for us to keep (please include EVERY player that will play during the weekend.)

Each team will be given a maximum of 2 coaches bands per team. Coaches must keep these on all weekend. Coaches who lose their band will be forced to pay. No Coaches bands will be given after check-in is finished. For NCAA certified events, ONLY coaches listed on the NCAA BBCS roster will be given a coaches band and be allowed on the bench.

In Event:

A: The home team is always the top/first team listed and wears the lighter color. The away team is always the bottom/second team listed and wears the darker color.

A: The Tournament Director will ONLY speak with the Head Coach or Program director regarding complaints about the event. If a parent has a complaint, we recommend that they tell their coach so he or she can bring it to the Tournament Director.

A: If your team cannot make your scheduled game or is running late, please find a Independent Hoops employee or call Glen Mayo (850) 703-9677.

Please give the team name, age group, game location and game time. We ask that you let us know as soon as possible. Please be aware that this also influences other teams and parents.

A: We have several media members working for us stationed all around our event to ensure that we get recognized for great performances. Just because there is not a tweet after a game does not mean that we did not see or will not recognize a player. Please be patient as we roll out several pieces of content on our website and social media pages during and after each day and event.