Thursday Standouts at the Peach State

Written by Robert Alphonso - Baseline to Sideline

2026 Malachi Harris, Brick Squad Monopoly is the epitome of get things done. He was all over the place for the North Carolina-based program. His ability to do all the dirty work led to a productive day for him on both ends of the cort.

2026 Terence Johnson, Team Charleston plays like a former NBA player. His game is physical with a little bit of finesse. He was a dominating force for the South Carolina-based team. Johnson does not allow to be held back from scoring or defending on the ball. The game, minus the superb dunking ability, Johnson’s game resembles that of Shawn Kemp. 

2026 Adrienne Lau, Peel Elite is a confident individual with the ball in his hands. He doesn’t need it on every possession but once he gets it the results build confidence. The Western Technical School product always found himself in the scorebook. He is a scorer with tremendous consistency on the perimeter. 

2025 Christian Outlaw, Brick Squad Monopoly played a game most average basketball fans wouldn’t notice. He was always in the mix of the game, no matter which end of the floor. This outlaw was rebellious on the floor. 

2026 Keori Agwell, TNG Regional controlled every aspect of the game with his length and quickness. Being a scoring forward capable of operating like a surgeon from the mid-post. 

2026 Tarris Bouie, Team EAT is not one for running if it has nothing to do with basketball. The 6-foot-4 wing was challenged to make sure the North Carolina-based team won comfortably. They did because Bouie finished with 30-points, 9 rebounds, 6 assists, and 4 blocks. Bouie’s performance helped Team EAT devour its opponent by 50-points. 

2026 Dylan Hosten, Jacksonville Trojans  was enjoyable to watch on the day. He is a 6-foot-4 post with some decent perimeter skills. His ball handling helped force the other team to make big adjustments. He threw over the top of the press, while dominating on the boards. His skills will fit in well at Potter’s House during the SIAA season. The league is always loaded with skilled wings.

2026 Malik McCotter, Team EAT has more range than a Verizon customer. The shooter nailed every jumper from boys 20-feet. After knocking down the third consecutive triple in the second-half helped demoralize its opponent. He finished with 15 points. 

2026 Cliff Daguerre, Triple Threat Hoops is locked and loaded on the perimeter. His points came in bunches, scoring 17 of his team-high 21 points. He nailed five 3-pointers in the second-half. This helped the New Jersey-team build a cushion never to deflate. 

2026 Ronald Clark, Jacksonville Trojans is a shifty guard with a strong mid-range. He is able to get to his spot and nail the jumper consistently. This helps him get to the basket since defenders are caught between keeping him out of the lane or letting him hit the jumper.

2026 Nosa Lawami, Peel Elitę is built like a grown man at an early age. He is a 6-foot-5 forward with the strength of a college freshman. His ability to dominate and control the interior for the Toronto-based program. There was a point where he carried two defenders to the basket for an easy continuous play. Look for this young man to attract some college attention in the future. 

2026 Tobias Baker, Brick Squad Monopoly is a smooth, confident player with plenty of tools in his bag. The 6’4 wing plays inside and out. He can extend the floor with his range. Loves to compete. 

2026 Christopher “CJ” Charlot, Lafayette Celtics played with a tremendous motor. He got downhill and to the rim with ease. 

2027 Ty Duncan, Mark Gerald Elite had one of the smoothest shooting performances of the day. He scored 32 points in an efficient manner. This youngster never looked rattled despite the extra defensive attention put on him. 

2027 JaFabian Bailey, Troy Miles Elite had a strong second-half helping the Georgia-based club skate to a win. He mixed it up with jumpers and strong finishes at the rim.


2027 Jeffery Brooks, Triple Threat Hoops was one of the more intriguing players on the day. He is a 6-foot-9 center with good hands and great size. Brooks is getting plenty of reps playing 14U and 15U this weekend.