The Sun Will Shine In The Morning; Part 2

Here is part 2 of the article I wrote about William McCoy and you will find below several questions that I asked him during our time together, and you will find some really intriguing responses coming from this young and budding prospect.


Q: When it comes to today’s players in the NBA, who would you say your game mirrors the most?


My favorite PG is Darius Garland. He is a good passer, and I feel like I am as well. He makes good reads shoot it from range, and can handle the rock, which is something I see in my game. When it comes to playing both ends, I see my game pattering Dejounte Murray, as he is long, plays with pace, plays both ends, rebounds the ball, and does what his team needs. Which is what I see in myself.


Q: Tell us about a situation in the middle of a game where you faced adversity, and the training that you have received, mainly from your dad, came into play and helped you through the adversity.


My dad is very encouraging, which all dads should be. He always tells me to keep shooting. I had a game against Carmel Christian, who was ranked #24 in the country at the time, and we were playing at home. In the 1st-half, I could not get a shot to fall and was turning the ball over. I was having an off night. At halftime, when I got to the locker room, I kept reminding myself of who I am and who I am as a player. I breathed confidence back into myself, told myself to keep shooting the ball, to remember my mechanics, and in the 2nd-half, I came out firing. I went on a 13-pt run by myself, finishing the game with 17 with not scoring in the 1st half. I just kept telling myself to keep shooting.


Q: Regarding the PG spot and being a floor general, what are the two top things a PG must have at the lead guard spot?


  1. He must be able to pass and distribute the ball. Get teammates involved, get them open looks, and keep their confidence up.


  1. He must be able to talk. He must be able to communicate as the PG is the coach on the floor. 


Q: What is one leadership book that you have read that is helping you take your leadership role to the next level?


How To Win Friends and Influence People, By Dale Carnegie.

The book talked about how to relate to people, motivate people, and get everyone on the same page to accomplish a mission. It teaches (you) how to communicate (effectively) with people.


Q: What is one thing you have taken from the book that you have implemented that helps get your teammates on one accord?


Appealing to what they want. Making sure I am encouraging them to score even if their motives are not on the same page as the team. Basically, appealing to people’s motivations.  


Q: You have reclassified, and when you think about that and think about the fact that they say the game is a lot faster and stronger at the next level, how do you approach the weight room?


I have been working on my entire body, especially my legs, to help with my explosiveness and to increase my vertical.


Q: What is one quote you live by every day?


“The Sun will be up in the Morning.” Whatever goes on during the day, good or bad, the sun will always be up in the morning.


McCoy is a bright young man that embodies the quote that the sun will be up in the morning. There have been many long days, nights, and discouraging times that many will never see as they only see the results of the dark times and the countless hours of working when the lights are off. He has never let the grind of his dreams break him, as when things get hard, he reminds himself that the sun will be up in the morning.


Several colleges have shown early interest, a short list that will soon grow to not only interest but offers. For now, Long Island University (LIU), Norfolk State, and Princeton have their eyes on this budding lead guard.