PEACH STATE – Day 3 Standouts

July 19, 2021

Sunday was the final opportunity of this live period for prospects to showcase them-selfs.
Energy and intensity in the gym was on high all day! Our staff knows all too how intriguing the
games can be on a Sunday in a court tucked out the way. If you missed todays action, we have
you covered.

Top Performances – Sunday Peach State 24:

Orlando Hudson (2023/6’/PG) of Carolina Bad Boys is a coaches dream when it comes to his
leadership and ability to be an extension of the coach on the court. He was vocal with his
teammates throughout the contest. He showed leadership with his play as well dropping a team
high 24pts in win Stars South. Orlando has a great shot, but also using his speed and stocky
frame to get to the rim (and also the FT line) at will.

Johnny Curry Jr (2022/6’4”/G) of Georgia Stars Select is fun to watch! His motor seems to
never slows down.His athleticism is the eye catcher talent that you immediately notice, but there
is more to his game than that. He is a skilled guard that can break you down and go by you, and
he can knock down shots. He is a must see for D1 coaches!

Starrell Hearns (2022/6’3”/G) of NJ Bulldogs got busy in the 2nd half of his game vs Howard
Pulley. He finished with 17pts with 14pts coming in the 2nd half. He had one SC Top 10 worthy
dunk, but showed he has good ball skills as well. He can play on or off the ball and knocked
down some really tuff shots. Starrell has a stocky build and was a absolute pest on the
defensive side.

Other Names To Know:
Darrien Lloyd (2023/5’9”/PG) of Carolina Bad Boys
Major Freeman (2022/6’2”/PG) of Georgia Stars Select
Miles Whye (2022/6’7”/SF) of NJ Bulldogs
Lorenzo Johnson Jr (2022/6’3”/G) of Team Power (GA)
Davian Coleman (2022/6’7”/PF) of Team Marsh (MD)