PEACH STATE – Day 2 Standouts

July 18, 2021

All spring and summer young prospects across the country have been training for the July “NCAA Live Periods”. The live periods are all about competing with your team in front of college coaches and national media outlets. This platform gives players a chance to create their own legacy. This weekend coaches from Maryland, Minnesota, Michigan State, Oklahoma State, Fordham, Morgan State and many more have all made their way to the Peach State 24. Players are rising to the occasion and are sure to see their recruitment takeoff.


If you missed the action today, take a look with us as we highlight the standouts from day 2 at the Peach State:


Khalon Hudson (2023/6’5”/W) of Southern Kings (GA) put on a show today in a double OT win vs Nike’s Howard Pulley 17u. Khalon finished with 29pts, including the game winning rebound and put-back. He has good size and versatility, and his motor is always on GO! Coaches make sure to come check him out tomorrow at 9:15am on court 2 at Westside High.


Caleb Siwek (2022/6’2”/SG) of Howard Pulley (MN) lit up the scoreboard for 30pts in their win over KY Hoop Dreams. He is well renown for being a lights-out shooter, and rightfully so, but today he showed he can do much more as well. In front of several “high major” coaches, Caleb showed he can create and finish at the rim as well. Must see for D1 coaches tomorrow as they play at 10:30am on court 1 at Westside High.


Kennedy Hayden (2022/6’4”/PG) of Kentucky Hoop Dreams was all business today at Peach State 24. He scored a team high 23pts in their loss to Nike’s Howard Pulley. Kennedy is a stocky guard that looks to be aggressive often. He has a good handle and finishes well in traffic. Must see for coaches tomorrow at 9:15am on court 1 at Westside High.


Chicale Ward (6’6”/W) Juice All Stars Stephenson (NC) is a rising star, we are willing to bet our last on it. He has all the tools to develop into a major D1 guard. Chicale is Class of 2023 and playing up 17u here at Peach State 24, and he hasn’t skipped a beat. Coaches can check him out tomorrow at 8am on court 1 at Westside High.


Other names to know at Peach State 24:

Desmond Tramble (6’6”/SF) D5 Global Gold (TX)


Dominque Smith (6’4”/G) D5 Global Gold (TX)


Edward Johnson III (6’1”/PG) Team Marsh (MD)


Jordan Williams (6’7”/F) I Can All Stars (CA)


Elijah Evans (6’4”/G) I Can All Stars (CA)


Josiah Morris (2022/6’6”/W) of Kentucky Hoop Dreams


Kendal Parker (2022/6’4”/W) of Team Power (GA)


Rudolph Satcher (2023/6’/PG) of Southern Kings (GA)