NYBL® Global Championship

CHALLENGE your team to be their very BESTIN 2021! The National Youth Basketball League (NYBL) is proud to introduce a new CHALLENGE style format for travel teams for 2021. This new and exciting format will offer a change from the original league style format and give team more opportunities to reach the newly-branded NYBL GLOBAL CHAMPIONSHIPS (JUNE 25-27 IN METRO ORLANDO, FLORIDA). The NYBL CHALLENGE SERIES will consist of multiple CHALLENGE Brackets beginning in March 2021. The CHALLENGE SERIES will also include a new point system -- the NYBL CHAMPIONSHIP POINT SYSTEM. This NEW point system will allow for teams to accumulate CHAMPIONSHIP points to become eligible for the NYBL GLOBAL CHAMPIONSHIPS in JUNE 2021 in the SUNSHINE STATE of FLORIDA. The point system will reward programs / teams for their CHAMPIONSHIP level play. Teams will have to accumulate a total of FIFTEEN (15) CHAMPIONSHIP POINTS to qualify for the NYBL GLOBAL CHAMPIONSHIPS .