Forward To Know Down In Florida


Ace Mckinnie (2024), originally from Chipley, FL is starting to emerge as one of the best forwards in his class throughout the state. Naturally coming from such a rural part area he can be considered as a “late bloomer” or a “hidden gem” if you will. He has recently moved to Panama City, FL and will be playing his Junior season of basketball at Bay High School. Although, McKinnie has a slender frame, he possess a good combination of athleticism and versatility. He has the coordination and versatility to defend nearly any position on the court, and he is a NATURAL SHOT BLOCKER!!

During our #EliteCamp this past weekend, Ace, was named Camp MVP and made the Top 10 Upper Echelon Team. It seemed that anytime you put your eyes on him he was making a play – whether it was blocking a shot, getting a drop down pass and dunking the basketball, or flying high in transition.

McKinnie got a chance to play with the Southern Kings out of Georgia this spring/summer for travel basketball. He quickly garnered the attention of scouts and coaches at the prestigious Pitt Jam Fest that features more than 600 teams from across the count. During the Peach State Summer Showcase he caught the attention of several Mid-Major Division 1’s coaches as he played up in the 17u division. His height and athleticism will catch your eye quickly, but after watching him play you fall in love with his versatility and all the intangibles he posses.