Dominant Big Men Shine at PRO16 Session 2 in Wichita, KS

The recently concluded PRO16 Tournament in Wichita, Kansas showcased some remarkable talent, with several big men from across the country standing out and leaving a lasting impression. These players displayed exceptional skills, athleticism, and versatility on the court, making them key assets for their respective teams. Let's take a closer look at the standout performances of Papa N'Diaye, Ace McKinnie, Kuol Atak, and Bangot Dak, and Asa Newell.

Pape N’Diaye: MVP Candidate and Shot-Blocking Extraordinaire

Pape N’Diaye, a towering 7‚Äô center representing Trinity¬†International and the Las Vegas Knicks, emerged as a leading contender for the tournament’s Most Valuable Player award. N’Diaye’s shot-blocking ability was on full display, showcasing his natural feel and impeccable timing when it comes to blocking shots. Despite his size, N’Diaye possesses impressive skills both in the post and as a mid-range shooter. He is currently unranked nationally, but with his offensive repertoire, coupled with his shot-blocking prowess, makes him a force to be reckoned with. He has racked up recent offers from Utah State, TCU, Xavier, and UCF.

Ace McKinnie: Versatile Athlete and Tenacious Rebounder

Ace McKinnie, hailing from Chipley High and the Southern Kings (GA), proved to be a versatile athlete with a wide array of skills. Standing at 6’9″, McKinnie excelled in running the floor from rim to rim, setting good screens, scoring off P&R, and crashing the boards with authority. Much like N’Diaye, he showcased excellent shot-blocking instincts and a knack for high-pointing rebounds. Although still refining his scoring ability, McKinnie’s athleticism and relentless work ethic make his formidable presence felt on the court.

Kuol Atak: Floor-Stretching Threat and Fierce Competitor

Kuol Atak, a talented Top 100 6’9″ power forward from Hamilton High and 3D Empire (TX), made his mark with his smooth and consistent jump shot. Atak’s ability to stretch the floor and shoot over defenders adds a significant dimension to his team’s offense. Despite his slender frame, he compensates with an incredible motor and long strides, while consistently giving his all on both ends of the court. With his shooting prowess and relentless motor, Atak puts constant pressure on opposing defenses. He holds offers from Mississippi State, Oklahoma State, Saint Louis, and UNLV.

Bangot Dak: High-Major Prospect with All-Around Skills

Bangot Dak, of Nebraska Supreme, recently announced that he will representing Sunrise. He left a lasting impression on our staff these past two weeks with his well-rounded skill set and high energy on the court. Standing at an impressive 6’10”, Dak’s athleticism and relentless running of the floor set him apart from the competition. His rebounding prowess, coupled with an impressive shooting touch in the paint, solidify his position as a high-major prospect. Dak’s commitment to impacting the game on both ends of the court makes him an invaluable asset for his team.

Asa Newell: NBA Pro-Style Power Forward

Adding another exciting prospect to the mix, Asa Newell from Montverde Academy and 1 Family (FL) proved that he is worthy of the immense hype surrounding him. With a deadly 3-point shot and the ability to shoot over defenders consistently, Newell brings a unique skill set to the court. His size and shooting prowess make him a formidable stretch forward in the pro style of play. Newell has dedicated himself to his craft, evident in the physical transformation he has undergone over the past year and a half. Adding approximately 15-20 pounds of muscle, he has become a more physical presence on the court. This newfound strength allows him to hold his ground against tough defenders and excel in the physical aspects of the game. The combination of Newell’s shooting ability and increased physicality elevates him to the status of a prototypical stretch forward. His shooting range and size create matchup nightmares for opposing teams, as he can shoot over defenders with ease. This versatility on offense opens up the floor for his teammates, creating opportunities for driving lanes and interior scoring. Furthermore, Newell’s commitment to improving his game extends beyond his shooting prowess and physicality. He displays a high basketball IQ and a well-rounded understanding of the game. His court vision and passing ability make him a valuable asset in facilitating offensive plays and creating scoring opportunities for his teammates. Alabama head coach, Nate Oats, was on campus at Montverde Academy Monday to see this current top 20 prospect.