DJ Wylie Is On The Rise


(2027) Robert “DJ” Wylie of Dent Middle School (SC) has that “IT” Factor to his game. He already possesses the confidence in his play of someone much older. You can tell that he has spent the entire spring/summer watching/competing against some of the top players in the country. 

Standing at (6’), DJ has great size for an 8th grade guard. His game is based on skill and fundamentals, which is an approach that should bode well for him in the future. While playing on the ball he was able to get to the basket and/or create open jumpers at will. He showed the ability to shoot the ball at a high level, both off of the catch, and off of the dribble. Don’t sleep on his athleticism, and his basketball IQ either. Wylie is another (2027) prospect for Team USC that’s well on his way of garnering national attention.