BTS Sunday's Notebook

Written by Robert Alphonso - Baseline to Sideline

Best Game I Saw: 

Birmingham Dream Chasers and United Elite Spartans played one of the more exciting games of the weekend. These two teams traded baskets throughout the game. Things picked up midway through the second half before Dream Chasers walked off with a 68-59 victory over United. Jalijah Rutledge was the catalyst in the team win. 

Best Individual Performance I Saw:

Jalijah Rutledge had a solid performance for a young player. He handled the ball well under pressure. It led to him making some tough baskets. He mixed it up at getting to the basket or jumpers finishing with a game-high 24 points. 

Best Prospect I Saw: 

Charles Knights, Dtermined will be a name many will hear in the future. This point guard was so smooth and patient in getting everyone involved. There wasn’t a time he wasn’t finding a teammate in a tight spot for an easy bucket. He handed out 10 assists while scoring 26 points. His game has room to grow and it will be based on his performance this entire weekend. 

Prospects To Watch:

Will Feagles, AZ Unity Premier helped the West Coast program dominate its final game in the eastern time zone. He showed plenty of versatility in the flow of the game. Everything he did was to make sure he or his teammates were getting easy baskets. Feagles is a 2025 who will attract the coaches eye because of his basketball IQ and versatility.

Caden Collins, RL9 SA Wilson shot the ball extremely well. He was confident off the screens and spotting up. He finished with 19 points, which included hitting 3 three-pointers.

Yusef Bowyer, AJ Bouye went to work in the teams final game of the session. The crafty guard finished with 20 points. He was tough to guard throughout the game. 

Joseph Riggins, Dtermined was an impressive prospect. He has all the make-up of being an elite player college coaches will track moving forward. Currently, Riggins is a wing with some good guard skills. These skills will be polished over the next few years. His athleticism, which is already solid, will also be improved. He finished the team’s last game with 15 points, which was more than the opponents final total.

Nigel Thomas, AJ Bouye had a strong showing. He poured in 19 points in a variety of ways. His ability to mix things up helped keep defenders off balance. He was a problem inside and out throughout the game. 

Zion Williams, Team EAT managed to get hot in the second half but it wasn’t enough. He finished with 14 points, 10 in the second. 

Xavier Washington, NYBA is an efficient shooter. The 6’3 combo gets going and it’s hard to stop. He is wiry with a quick release. 

Ahmaad Anthony, United Elite Spartans refused to be stopped. He made plays all over the floor to end the game with a team-high 21 points. 

Colton Jeffers, Birmingham Dream Chasers was an active post player. He ran the floor with purpose and a motive. His desire to be the first person to the rim was for the opportunity to finish or defend the basket. 

Craig Lewis, NYBA is primarily known as a hard nose defender. He will guard you 94-feet and beyond, if necessary. His relentless effort makes it difficult for opponents to keep their legs against him. He can get into the lane and be productive. Lewis scored 10 points in the team’s morning win. 

Adonis Brown, ATL Strikers had his foot on the gas in an in-state battle. The Class of 2026 guard was all over the place and delivered the timely basket needed to get the win. He drove to the basket where he made a layup and drew contact to help give the Strikers the lead it needed. Brown proceeded to nail some free throws down the stretch to seal the win. 

Sam Wells, NYBA is a special athlete. At 6’3, he is a slasher and an elite finisher. He put those abilities on display with a productive 14 point performance. 

Bryan Hinds Jr, AAO put on a shooting clinic hitting 5 three-pointers finishing with a game-high 21 points.