Braxton Ferguson Day 1 NYBL Finals Performance


In a thrilling first day of the NYBL Finals hosted in Kennesaw, GA, (2029) Braxton Ferguson of Team Huncho 6th grade team emerged as the standout player, earning the coveted (M)ost, (O)utstanding (P)erformance award. His impressive performance helped his team secure a big 70-58 victory over Sunshine State Hoops. Braxton Ferguson is an aggressive face-up forward whose motor is always on high. He displayed his skills to great effect, racking up an impressive game-high of 28 points in the win. His ability to face up and attack the basket from the high post area was particularly impressive, and he proved to be a constant threat for the opposition defense. Braxton’s displayed an impressive second jump, which proved to be invaluable in securing
crucial rebounds for his team throughout the match. He displayed great tenacity and determination on both ends of the court, making him an integral part of Team Huncho’s success.