2025 Georgia Stars EYBL Shine at Peach State Summer Showcase


The Georgia Stars 2025 EYBL team showcased their immense talent and skill at the highly competitive Peach State Summer Showcase, held in Augusta, GA and hosted by Independent Hoops. With a perfect 5-0 record over the weekend, the team left a lasting impression on both fans and opponents alike.

Led by a formidable group of top players, the Georgia Stars displayed their dominance on the court. Jacob Wilkins, standing tall at 6’9 as a forward, exhibited impressive athleticism and versatility. His ability to shoot from beyond the arc and finish with finesse in the paint made him a constant threat. Meanwhile, Amir Taylor, another imposing 6’9 power forward, proved to be a “high-major” prospect. With soft hands, excellent footwork, and a knack for finishing above the rim, Taylor showcased his skills on offense and displayed his agility for a player of his size.

Eddie Cook III, a 6’6 small forward, stood out as a force to be reckoned with. His physicality, aggressive playing style, and ability to finish at the rim through contact made him a standout performer. Not limited to his strength, Cook also demonstrated his shooting range, knocking down shots from the perimeter. Additionally, Eric Chatfield Jr, a highly intelligent 6′ point guard, showcased his basketball IQ by creating opportunities for his teammates with his excellent dribbling skills and court vision. His ability to change speeds and finish plays in traffic left spectators in awe.